Wall Mounted Gate at Top of Stairs & Furniture Tipping Prevention

Baby Gates N Safety Featured Project 002

Wall Mounted Gate at Top of Stairs & Furniture Tipping Prevention

Job Brief: Childproof Stairs at Top & Bottom of stairs. Secure shelves to prevent tipping over

Project Specifics

Our Solution: Install wall mounted gate at top of stairs. Pressure mounted gate is used at the bottom of stairs with Y-spindle adapers to reduce the need to drill on the wall. A wooden pillar clamp is customed to cater to metal railing at top of stairs. An additional wood plank is used on the other side of top of stair gate to allow any damage to the wall paper to be restored easily when gate is removed in the future. The solid wood book shelf is secured using furniture anti-tip straps but metal brackets are used for bigger storeroom shelves for stability.

Requirements: Client is renting the 2 storey house with a young child. Need to babyproof the stairs top & bottom. Wall next to stairway is wall papered. Any solution need to allow the original look to restore easily upon removal of gate. A solid wood shelf and store shelves were assessed to be tipping hazard and needed to be secured.

Safety Products used: Kidco Angle Mounted Wooden Safeway, Kidco Pressure Mounted Gateway, Y-spindles used for bottom of stairs railing, Kidco Anti-Tip Straps & generic metal brackets for shelves

Job Specific Customizations: Customized wooden clamp pillar and single pillar

Challenges: Limit damage to wall paper & ensure look can be restored upon gate removal

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