Smart Retract at Bottom of Stairs

Baby Gates N Safety Featured Project 003

Using Smart Retract Retractable Gate at the Bottom of stairs

Job Brief: Babyproof staircase with metal/wood railing that is shorter than usual

Project Specifics

Our Solution: Smart Retract gate at the bottom of stairs. A custom wood pillar is needed to be prepared to fit the railing below the hand rail. It was secured to railing using heavy duty cable ties. The retractable gate is installed anchored to the pillar and the opposite side anchors on the wall. As the walls are uneven with wall skirting, spacers were needed to level the gate.

Requirements: Client has a young son that he would like to prevent from climbing the stairs by himself. He is looking for a safety gate for the bottom of stairs that does not introduce a tripping hazard. Because the railing is shorter than usual, most safety gates are too short to be installed properly.

Safety Products used: Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate 52" retractable gate, spacers

Job Specific Customizations: Customized wooden pillar to fit railing

Challenges: Metal & wood railing that is shorter than usual

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