Retractable Gates For childproofing Stairs

Baby Gates N Safety Featured Project 004

Using Retractable Gates for Childproofing Stairs

Job Brief: Installing gates at Stairways with Partial Concrete Railings

Project Specifics

Our Solution: Retractable Gates For childproofing Stairs. One Retract-A-Gate is installed at the bottom of the main stairway and one at the corridor leading to another stairway leading down. Gate anchors had to be positioned differently due to short height of the concrete walls as well as the wall skirting and some wire trunking.

Requirements: Client has a young child that she would like to prevent from climbing the stairs by himself. He is looking for a safety gate for the bottom of stairs as well as one to cover the corridor leading to a stairway. Prefers gates that are low profile that are easy to operate.

Safety Products used: Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate 52" retractable gates, spacers

Job Specific Customizations: None

Challenges: Concrete wall is short relative to gate height. Wall skirting & wire trunking.

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