Two Gates at Inter-level Stairway Landing

Baby Gates N Safety Featured Project 005

Installing 2 Gates at Inter-level Stairway Landing

Job Brief: Custom Wooden Pillar to install gates at Interlevel stairway landing

Project Specifics

Our Solution: Two Gates at Inter-level Stairway Landing. Interlevel stairways are common. They are particularly challenging because of the lacking in anchor points for gates. This is especially so, if the up and down stairway are very close together. In this case, we need to custom a special 2 directional pillar to fit in 2 sets of gate anchors. The gate used also need to be flexible enough able to handle different direction mounting. Most gates can only do perpendicular installation. The entrance to the loft bedroom is narrower than the usual doorway. As a result, it impossible to use a normal size safety gate. A retractable gate is chosen because it does not have minimum width limitation.

Requirements: Client is moving into a new multi-storey house and would like to childproof their stairway at interlevel as well the stairway leading to their master bedroom in the loft.

Safety Products used: Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate 52" retractable gates, spacers

Job Specific Customizations: Custom two directional wooden pillar attached to railing using metal brackets. 

Challenges: Lack of mounting space at interlevel stairway landing. Metal railing. Narrow entrance at top of stairs.

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