Gates for Gap Wider than 180cm

Baby Gates N Safety Featured Project 008

Partitioning front poach using Retractable gates

Job Brief: Using connected Retractable Gates for Gap More than 180cm

Project Specifics

Requirements: Client needs to use gates for gap wider than 180cm in order to partition an area on her front porch for her dog.

Our Solution: There are only a few gates for gap wider than 180cm available in the market. The gap that needs to be covered is in fact more about 258cm. We proposed to use 2 connected Smart Retract retractable gates 52" to cover this gap. Additionally, because one side of the gap is a metal railing, we had to custom a wooden pillar to be affix on the metal railing. The gate anchors are then fixed on the wood pillar and the wall opposite.

Safety Products used: 2 x Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate 52" retractable gates

Job Specific Customizations: Custom pillar for metal railing on ledge.

Challenges: Metal railing with wide ledge. Extra wide area.

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