Retractable Gates To Cover Area More Than 180cm​

Baby Gates N Safety Featured Project 012

Connect 2 Retractable Gates to cover area More Than 180cm

Job Brief: Landed house uses retractable gates to cover stairways and Extra-wide corridor

Project Specifics

Requirements: The client needs to babyproof his living room & stairway. It involves using retractable gates to cover area more than 180cm. The area underneath the stairway needs to condone off too. 

Our Solution: We walked through with the client, the various gate options and layout available to him. We concluded that it is best to use a connected 2 x Smart Retract 52" gates to cover the bottom of stairs and under the stairs area at the same time. We pushed the gate as far away from the stairs as possible. This is to give enough space for anyone coming downstairs to operate the locks. A 72" Smart Retract fits the living room entrance nicely. A custom wood pillar is attached to the glass railing at the top of stairs to allow installation of another Smart Retract 52" gate there.

Safety Products used: Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate 52" & 72" retractable gate. 

Job Specific Customizations: Custom pillar for glass railing.

Challenges: Positioning of gates to cater to ease of use considerations. 

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