Huggalugs Cotton Leg Ruffles Longes Purple Berry 1 pair

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‌Arm & Leg Ruffles for Teens  to Adults

High Cotton Content

One size fits all

Huggalugs gorgeous Longes Purple Berry Leg Ruffles are leg warmers knitted with a cotton blend yarn, giving a soft feel to the final finish. Each Huggalugs Longes Leg Ruffles are 50cm long to allow it to be use comfortably by teenagers as well as adults. The Huggalugs Purple Berry Leg Ruffles features a rich purple fabric. 

A great way to protect a ballet dancer's legs from the cold, Huggalugs Longes Leg Ruffles make one of the best accessories to go with a teenager's or adult's ballet dancing clothes.

Simply a 'must have' item in every colour, this one is especially for the ladies.

The unique shape allows the Huggalugs warmer to easily fit both arms and legs and a wide variety of little and big ones body shapes without causing discomfort. 

Product Highlights

  • For teenagers to adults
  • Fabric: 75% Cotton, 23% Spandex, 5% Elastane
  • Maintenance: Cold hand wash and line dry only. Do not bleach.
Huggalugs Arm and Leg Ruffles Longes for Teens and Adults
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Material 75% Cotton, 23% Spandex, 5% Elastane
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Huggalugs Cotton Leg Ruffles Longes Purple Berry 1 pair

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