KidCo Auto-Close Gateway Pressure Mounted Baby Safety Gate White (73.6 to 186.7cm)

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Pressure Mounted Metal Baby Gate

Auto-Close with Hold Function

Customize KidCo Auto-Close Gateway Pressure Mounted Baby Safety Gate White (73.6 to 186.7cm)
KidCo Auto-Close Gateway Pressure Mounted Baby Safety Gate White (73.6 to 93.8cm)   + S$169.90
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KidCo G1100 Pressure Mount Auto Close Gateway in white automatically swings close after you pass through
KidCo Auto-Close Gateway Pressure Mounted Baby Safety Gate White (73.6 to 186.7cm)

In stock



    The white KidCo Pressure Mounted Auto Close Gateway Pressure Mounted Gate provides optimal safety for use in doorways and hallways when drilling into woodwork or wall is not desirable or practical. The door is designed to swing back to "closed" position automatically. This gate has 2 variants. One is the traditional metal gate while the other comes with a mesh door. 

    KidCo Auto Close gateway safety gates comes with a unique handle design that applies Magnet-Lock Technology. This design makes the gate easy to open or close with one hand and the dual magnet system automatically draws the door closed and guarantees it locks each and every time! 

    The KidCo Auto Close Gateway also has a "Hold" function for those times where the door needs to stay open until it is pushed closed. Simply open the gate pass the 90 degree point to activate the function.

    2 gate extensions are already included with a gate allowing it to cover openings up to 94cm. If you need to use it for a wider area, you can add extension packs to do so. Please refer to the table below to determine the components that you will require for your situation. 

    Corridor or doorway widthComponents Required
    73.6 to 94cmGate only
    94 to 108cmGate with 1 x 14cm Extension
    108 to 120.6cmGate with 2 x 14cm Extension
    120.6 to 125.7cmGate with 1 x 32cm Extension
    125.7 to 139.7cmGate with 1 x 32cm Extension + 1 x 14cm Extension
    139.7 to 157.5cmGate with 2 x 32cm Extension
    157.5 to 172.7cmGate with 2 x 32cm Extension + 1 x 14cm Extension
    172.7 to 186.7cmGate with 2 x 32cm Extension + 2 x 14cm Extension

    Safety Notes 

    To safely use the Kidco AutoClose Gate pressure mounted gate, please ensure that the gate can be installed perpenticular to the walls on both sides. This gate is also not suitable to for use at the top of stairs. As for the bottom of stairs, because of the pressure bar at the bottom of the gate, it is recommended that you install the gate such that it does not reduce the size of your step too much that it may introduce a tripping hazard to anyone going up or down the stairs. 

    For areas where you have vertical metal railings instead of walls on either or both sides of the gate, you can consider using Y-spindles in place of normal padded spindles.  

    Pressure mounted gates can shift over time. For safety reason, make sure to regularly check that your gate has not shifted from its initial position and that the tension is maintained. This is particularly important if you are using extensions with your gate for wider areas. 

    To reduce the chance of the gate shifting, you can consider getting wall protection pads that can improve the grip of the spindles on your walls.

    Other Add-Ons for your Gate


    When installing Kidco Gateway Pressure Mounted Gate near stairway, a common problem is that not all areas have walls on both sides to anchor the gate properly. In the event when vertical railings are involved, the Y-Spindles are an excellent add-on for your gate to allow it to be installed securely between wall and railing or even railing to railing. Simply replace the original padded spindles in the gate with the Y-Spindles to do so. 

    When installed correctly, Y-Spindles are very effective in preventing any shifting of the gate. However, do note that while Y-Spindles can work very well with round and thinner railings, they do not work as well with larger square railings. 

    Anti-Slip Wall Pads

    Anti Slip Wall Pads for Pressure Mounted Gates are an excellent addons to pressure mounted baby gates to make them more secure. They are installed between the Pressure Gate and the wall. The deep housing in the wall pad prevents the pressure gate spindle from moving and the anti-slip layer against the wall holds the wall pad in place to give you a more secure baby gate.

    The thickness of the wall pad i also useful in the event your gate is a little too short for the area you want to cover. Each pad has a thickness of about 1.6cm. If you use the pads on both sides of the gate, you can add 3.2cm to your gate length.

    Kidco GateMate Universal Floor Protectors

    The Kidco Gatemate Floor Protectors are an excellent addons for your Kidco Gateway Pressure Mounted Gates. They not just protect your flooring from getting damaged by the gate, their glow in the dark properties also can help prevent someone from tripping over the pressure bar when using the gate in the dark. 

    More Information
    Gate Type Pressure Mounted
    Gate Height (cm) 74.9
    Gate Width (cm) 73.6 to 120.6
    Opening Width (cm) 57.5
    Gate Colors White
    Gate Material Powder coated steel with plastic joints & locking mechanism
    Gate Extendable No
    Stairway Use Bottom of Stairs Only
    Gate Locking Mechanism Double Action
    Gate Opening Direction Both Ways Only
    Safety Certification JPMA Certified - ASTM F1004 Safety Standards

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