Kidco Bi-fold Door Lock

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‌Sliding Lock for Bi-fold Doors with thickness up to 3.5cm

Simple installation

No screws

T‌he Kidco Bi-fold Door Lock is simple to install on bi-fold door and is sturdy to resist pulling and pushing from kids. They are designed to be at a height that kids’ can’t reach.  

It’s a simple device that helps keep your little ones from opening cupboards and storage closets with bi-fold doors. All you need to do is slide the lock on top of your bi-fold door. To lock, simply slide the lock with the handle over the fold of your bi-fold door. 

When you bi-fold door is thinner, you can also use the adapter/insert to better fit the lock on your door. This lock should fit doors with thickness up to 3.5cm.

More Information
Lock Applications Bi-Fold Doors
Product Article Number S354
Material High Quality Plastics
Included in box
  • 1 x Kidco Bi-Fold Door Lock
  • Adapter for thinner doors

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