Reer LightReflex Reflective Sticker Set 18pcs

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18 pieces of printed motifs & strips in various sizes

Enhances visibility of objects in the dark, bad weather or in the traffic

The Reer LightReflex Reflective Sticker Set (53141) can be used to greatly increase the visibility of objects in the dark, during bad weather and in the traffic. Ideal for strollers, bicycles etc.

The LightReflex reflective stickers have been coated with a specially developed reflective foil. This patented reflective foil reflects a large part of the incident light with particularly high intensity, maximising your own visibility for other road users.

These reflector stickers feature strong 3M adhesive tape on the underside. The Reer LightReflex stickers can be applied not only to metal or plastic, but are also ideal for use on textiles. The water-resistant stickers do not lose their adhesive power even in the washing machine. This means they do not have to be removed from textiles before washing. After use, they can still be removed without leaving any residue.

Product Highlights

  • increases visibility when it is dark and when visibility is poor
  • Set of 10 printed motifs and 8 strips in different sizes
  • self-adhesive, universally applicable - adheres to different materials (plastic, metal, textiles)
  • universally applicable to prams, walking bikes and bicycles, outdoor clothing, backpacks, helmets and much more
  • patented reflective foil: was coated by Bemis Associates Inc. (patent no. DE: 212013000307U1 / patent no. US: 9,248,470B2)
  • extremely adhesive, weather resistant, hard wearing, washable
  • set consists of 10 printed motifs and 8 strips in different sizes
  • material: 3M Scotchlite Reflective Material
Reer LightReflex Sticker Set Keeps you safe in the dark
More Information
Product Article Number 53141
Material Reflexite reflex foil (free from plasticisers)
Included in box
  • 10 printed motifs Light Reflex reflective stickers
  • 8 strips of Light Reflex reflective stickers

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