Reer Baby Weighing Scale with Music

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Easy & reliable weighing scale for babies from birth.

Recommended for babies from birth up to 30kg.

The Reer Baby Weighing Scale with music is an ergonomcally shaped baby scale that allows the weight of a baby to be easily & reliably taken up to a maximum of 30kg.

Product Highlights 

  • Ergonomically shaped to use safely with small babies and newborn
  • Integrated music helps to keeps baby engaged during weighing
  • "HOLD" function automatically hold & lock fluctuating readings caused by a fidgeting baby
  • "TARE" function permits more accurate weighing of babies with additional items such as towels & pillows
  • Large LCD display with memory function of last measurement taken
  • Automatically switch off when not in use to conserve battery
  • Single button operation for simplicity & ease of use
  • Measurement Units in kg, lb or oz
  • Operates using 4 x "AA" size batteries

Acurracy of Measurements

20g up to 5kg

from 5 to 10kg


from 10 to 15kg

50g from 15 to 20kg
60g from 20 to 25kg
70g from 25 to 30kg
More Information
Product Article Number 6409
Material High quality plastic exterior
Included in box
  • 1 x Baby weighing scale with music
  • 4 x 'AA' Size batteries
  • 1 x retractable measuring tape for measuring baby length
  • 1 x cotton weighing scale mat
  • Instruction manual

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