Reer HandleGuard Door Handle Protectors 2pcs

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Silicon Door Handle Protectors for Door Handles up to 13cm long, 2cm wide

Easy to install

Reer LogoDedicated to child safety since 1922

Reer is a german company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. For over 95 years, this traditional German company has provided young families with premium quality child safety products to help them with daily challenges taking care of their children. Reer continues to pursue the mission "More Safety for Children", to offer the youngest among us with the greatest protection possible.

With the safety solutions from Reer, parents can create a safe living environment with minimum effort, where their little ones can grow up and explore the world safely. 

Even after almost a century, Reer continues to innovate to come out with better products that provides more safety and improve the well-being of families around the world. All Reer products not just meets the strict safety regulations for child safety products, they often exceeds the requirements in many areas that the company view as important safety considerations even if these are not explicitly spelled out in the safety standards. 

As soon as children are mobile and romping around, door handles at head height become a hazard. Should they collide, it is not only very painful for your child but, if the worst comes to the worst, also dangerous. Reer HandleGuard Door Handle Protector (70071) prevents your child getting injured and also stops walls or furniture behind the door being damaged in the event that it is pushed open with force.

The door handle protector is made from high-quality silicone. The clever design offers higher impact cushioning than thin foam handle covers.

No fixing material whatsoever is needed for mounting. The large opening on the inside of the protector enables quick and easy installation. The slip-free silicone material also ensures a firm hold and pleasant feel when opening and closing the door.

Thanks to its generous dimensions (13 cm in length, around 2 cm in diameter), the silicone protector can be used on almost all door handles. The flexible material adapts to the shape of your door handles; this makes use possible even on curved door handles.

Our silicone grip protection can be cleaned quickly and easily with warm water and mild detergent or disinfectant - for long, hygienic use.

Product Highlights

  • protects against injuries to the head
  • prevents damage to walls and furniture
  • universal use for all common door handles
  • material: silicone
  • BPA free
  • 13 cm in length, approx. 2 cm in diameter
More Information
Product Article Number 70071
Material High quality Plastic, free from phthalates, PVC & BPA
Included in box
  • 2 x Reer HandleGuard Door Handle Protectors

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