Reer Digital Bath & Shower Thermometer

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Realtime Water Temperature Measurement for Shower Head

Alerts when water temperature reaches 41°C & above

The Reer Digital Bath & Shower Thermometer (70613) is an innovative product that can be installed directly on a regular shower head. The temperature of the water is measured & displayed on a large LCD display in realtime as they flow through the shower head and an alarm is sounded if the temperature goes above 41°C. This helps to greatly reduce the risk of the shower or bath water getting too hot for a baby or young child.

Product Highlights

  • Measures & displays temperature of shower water in real time
  • Blinking LED & beeping alarm is sounded when temperature reaches 41°C & above
  • Universal connector fits all regular shower heads
  • Controlled water temperature means greater safety for children & also conserves energy
More Information
Product Article Number 70613
Material Plastic
Included in box
  • 1 x  Reer Bath & Shower Thermometer

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