Reer Furniture Anti-tip Kit

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Prevents tipping of shelves or cabinets by children

Mounting Accessories provided for concrete wall or dry wall

Can be mounted on cabinet/shelves using screws or adhesive

The Reer Furniture Anti-tip Kit (73020) protects against injuries caused by tall shelves or cabinets tipping over by children. Designed to be mounted on concrete or dry walls. Option available to attach to furniture using screws or just adhesive (without screws).

Product Highlights

  • Attaches discreetly behind the furniture
  • Attaches to wall using screws. Accessories provided for different type of walls including concrete & dry wall.
  • Option available to secure to furuniture using either screws or adhesive
  • Can be temporarily deactivated using a quick release strap, so that you can easily wipe dust behind the furuniture
  • Contains 2 sets of straps
More Information
Product Article Number 73020
Material Plastic
Included in box
  • 2 x Reer Furniture Anti-tip Straps
  • Mounting materials
  • Installation guide

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