Reer Massage Teething Ring Star 2pcs

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2 pieces of Silicon Teething Rings

5 different textures help soothe sore gums & stimulate sense of touch

BPA & PVC Free

Easy to handle by baby & promotes fine motor skills

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Reer LogoDedicated to child safety since 1922

Reer is a german company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. For over 95 years, this traditional German company has provided young families with premium quality child safety products to help them with daily challenges taking care of their children. Reer continues to pursue the mission "More Safety for Children", to offer the youngest among us with the greatest protection possible.

With the safety solutions from Reer, parents can create a safe living environment with minimum effort, where their little ones can grow up and explore the world safely. 

Even after almost a century, Reer continues to innovate to come out with better products that provides more safety and improve the well-being of families around the world. All Reer products not just meets the strict safety regulations for child safety products, they often exceeds the requirements in many areas that the company view as important safety considerations even if these are not explicitly spelled out in the safety standards. 

Reer Massage Teething Ring Star features a star-shaped design with a large hole in the centre offers numberous benefits for the teething baby. 

The narrow strips make it easy for small children to grab and hold with one hand. The multi-textured teething elements help to gently massage and alleviate sore gums easily reaching even the rear-most molars. The space in the middle allows a soother clip to be attached ensuring you do not lose the teething ring.

The Reer Massage Teething Ring contains only materials that are free from harmful substances, odour-free and free of BPA and PVC. The saliva- and bite-proof silicone teething ring is designed as one solid piece to prevent small parts coming loose and becoming a choking hazard.

Its manoeuvrable, light shape makes the teething ring particularly easy for babies to grasp. This helps to promote fine motor skills and the grasp reflex. The various massaging elements stimulate a baby's sense of touch. The different coloured parts will arouse your child's curiosity in the teething ring.

After use, the teething ring can be cleaned quickly and easily under warm running water. For particular hygiene requirements, the teething ring can also be sterilised by boiling or using steam in a sterilizer.

Product Highlights

  • Teething rings designed to be easily handled by babies 
  • Promotes fine motor skins
  • 5 different textures massage & soothe sore gums, stimulates sense of touch
  • Single piece silicon design prevents breakage & choking hazards
  • Easy to clean
  • BPA & PVC Free
Reer Teething Rings with 5 different textured surfaces
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Product Article Number 79222
Material silicone
Included in box
  • 2 x Reer Massage Teething Ring Stars

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