Reer PremiumCare Glass Nail File for Babies

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Micro fine nail file for babies

Comes with protective case

The Reer PremiumCare baby glass nail file for babies allows you to care for your little one’s nails in a simple and pain-free process.

If babies’ nails are cut with scissors or nail clippers, there is a risk of the sensitive nail bed being injured if nails are cut too short. Nail files offer a worry-free alternative to nail scissors or clippers. It is almost impossible to cut in or make nails too short.

The rule of thumb for nail care is that the softer the nail, the finer the grain should be. That is why glass nail files are particularly good for soft baby nails. With their micro-fine filing particles, the files shorten soft nails in a particularly gentle manner, simultaneously smoothing the edge of the nail. This also prevents nails from splitting or tearing. In contrast to rough emery boards, the fine grain also protects the tender skin on a baby’s fingertips from injury.

Our nail file is of the best quality: we guarantee this thanks to production in Europe and the use of toughened glass. The specially toughened glass also prevents the blunting of the file body even after intensive use, preserving filing quality with lasting effect.

The Reer PremiumCare baby nail file is also free from harmful substances! The material is not porous preventing the accumulation of bacteria and fungi. For particularly hygienic use, after cleaning the file can also be disinfected, placed in boiling water and sterilised.

Product Highlights

  • Particularly suited to soft baby nails
  • Very gentle on nails
  • Easy to clean and sterilizable
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Size: 90mm x 10mm
  • Pollutant-free
More Information
Product Article Number 81043
Material Stainless Steel & BPA free plastics
Included in box
  • 1 x Reer PremiumCare Glass Nail File for Babies
  • 1 x Protective case

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