Reer Color SoftTemp 3in1 Contactless Infrared Thermometer

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3 in 1 Contactless Digital Thermometer for measuring Body, Surface & Room Temperature

Quick 1 Second Measurement with 3 Step Color Fever Indicator

Uses 2 x AAA size batteries

Reer LogoDedicated to child safety since 1922

Reer is a german company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. For over 95 years, this traditional German company has provided young families with premium quality child safety products to help them with daily challenges taking care of their children. Reer continues to pursue the mission "More Safety for Children", to offer the youngest among us with the greatest protection possible.

With the safety solutions from Reer, parents can create a safe living environment with minimum effort, where their little ones can grow up and explore the world safely. 

Even after almost a century, Reer continues to innovate to come out with better products that provides more safety and improve the well-being of families around the world. All Reer products not just meets the strict safety regulations for child safety products, they often exceeds the requirements in many areas that the company view as important safety considerations even if these are not explicitly spelled out in the safety standards. 

The Reer Color SoftTemp 3 in 1 Contactless Infrared Thermometer (98050) offers you a quick and uncomplicated alternative for an initial fever measurement: thanks to the infrared technology, fever can be measured contactless and painlessly within one second. 

It makes measuring body temperature as comfortable as possible and requires hardly any cooperation from the child. Infrared technology enables the temperature to be measured in just one second.

The Colour SoftTemp has been equipped with a three-stage optical fever alarm that enables you to see whether your child has a raised temperature or even a fever at first glance. At normal temperature, the display is green. Increased temperature (37.5°C – 37.9°C) is indicated on the thermometer with an orange display. This indicates that you should measure more frequently in order to keep an eye on any rise in temperature. However, if the thermometer detects your child has a fever (38° C or above), you will be quickly informed with an acoustic warning and a red display screen.

Even when your child is not ill, the Reer SoftTemp Contactless thermometer can be useful in your everyday life. By switching to the surface measuring mode, the Colour SoftTemp can also be used to measure the temperature of the room or bath water. You can also check whether baby food or soups are at the ideal serving temperature.

Product Highlights

  • Measures body, surface and room temperatures
  • Large illuminated display
  • 25 memory slots
  • Three-step optical fever warning: green <37.5°C, orange 37.5-37.9°C, red > 37.9°C
  • Acoustic fever alarm >37.9 °C
  • With automatic shut-off after approx. 15 seconds
  • Signal tone can be switched off
  • Measuring time: approx. 1 second
  • Measuring range: 32.0 °C – 42.9 °C (body temperature);
  • 0 °C – 99.9 °C (object/ambient temperature)
Reer Color Softtemp Contactless thermometer has 3 stage indicator
More Information
Product Article Number 98050
Material Plastics
Included in box
  • 1 x Reer Color SoftTemp 3in1 Contactless Infrared Thermometer
  • 2 x AAA batteries
  • User Manual

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