Retractable Gates for Large Childcare

Baby Gates N Safety Featured Project 014

Use of Retractable Gates at a large Childcare facility

Job Brief: Large Childcare facility using retractable gates to manage Exits & Pantry access

Project Specifics

Requirements: The client is a large childcare facility in the North. The premises has 4 levels and a total of 10 exits and 2 pantry areas that need to be secured. Gates need to be low profile, so as not to cause unnecessary obstructions. 

Our Solution: As the childcare has requirements to have exits and corridors unobstructed for fire safety reasons, the retractable gates would be the most suitable solution. The Smart Retract Retract-A-Gates are selected for their ease of use and flexibility of installation. A total of 12 gates was used and 9 gates needed to be installed using special dry wall anchors. The remaining 3 are done on concrete walls.

Safety Products used: Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate 52" retractable gates. 

Job Specific Customizations: Nil

Challenges: Dry walls require special masonry for holding strength. Positioning of screw holes is also important to avoid the metal frames inside the wall.

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