Babyproofing Survey

Baby Gates Site Survey

Your baby starts to toddle…. and eventually starts exploring your house. Before you know it, they are opening cabinets full of the dangerous unknown. Is there a solution to all that?

Being new to babyproofing can lead you to dig through the internet, sometimes buying safety gates that you aren’t even sure would work for you. They might be low quality, or just don’t serve the right purposes at all!  Worse, you might unknowingly introduce hazards to your home! 

How do you know what benefits you most?

How does a Site Survey work?

Baby Gates N Safety offers our site survey service – our babyproofing specialist will visit your home to do a detailed survey of the area that you would like to install a gate. If you are not sure which gates would be suitable, our specialist will then provide you with a proposal with recommended solutions. Sometimes, some customization might be needed in order for some gates to be installed properly.

You can decide what you want to do, based on the proposal and how you would like to proceed. 

Why trouble yourself when you can be stress free? Moreover, up to $40 of the survey fee will be rebatable on any safety gate installation service charge.

Site Survey Charges

(Up to $40 rebatable on Gate Installation service charge)

Weekdays only, between 10am – 4pm

Prior appointment required

Cost $60 


Contact us during work hours: 10am – 4pm (Closed Wed, Sun & Public Holidays)

For installations or survey, please prepare photos & some basic measurements of the area!