Reer Pneumatic Door Brake

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Pneumatic powered door brakes to prevent unintentional slamming of doors

Easy install using double sided adhesive tape

Made in Europe

The Reer Pneumatic Door Brake (7204) is an innovative product to prevent accidental slamming of doors and doors closing on a child fingers unintentionally. It works entirely by pneumatic power that gets activated only when a door is closed adruptly or at a faster speed.

Product Highlights 

  • Simply install & get protected all the time
  • Pneumatic powered door brake activates automatically when door is closing too fast
  • Door can still be closed normally by closing gently
  • Easy to install using double sided adhesive tape
More Information
Product Article Number 7204
Material High quality Plastic
Included in box
  • 1 x Reer Pneumatic Door Brake
  • 6 x screws
  • Double adhesive form tape
  • Installation guide

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