Reer MommyLine Neck & Shoulder Warming Cushion

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4 in 1 Neck, Shoulder, Chest, Back Warming Cushion

Quick heat up in Microwave & Long heat retention

Skin Friendly Materials

Reer LogoDedicated to child safety since 1922

Reer is a german company headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. For over 95 years, this traditional German company has provided young families with premium quality child safety products to help them with daily challenges taking care of their children. Reer continues to pursue the mission "More Safety for Children", to offer the youngest among us with the greatest protection possible.

With the safety solutions from Reer, parents can create a safe living environment with minimum effort, where their little ones can grow up and explore the world safely. 

Even after almost a century, Reer continues to innovate to come out with better products that provides more safety and improve the well-being of families around the world. All Reer products not just meets the strict safety regulations for child safety products, they often exceeds the requirements in many areas that the company view as important safety considerations even if these are not explicitly spelled out in the safety standards. 

The Reer MommyLine neck warming cushion is your best companion to relieve shoulder, neck and back discomfort during and after pregnancy. All you need to do is to heat up the neck warming cushion in the microwave and then enjoy the pleasant warmth.

Extra wide back part warms the shoulders: The neck warming cushion has an extra long back part, to spread the warmth down to the shoulder blades. Thus the warmth can have an effect on the shoulder, neck and upper back area at once and support the relaxation. The velour side is pleasantly soft and protects against skin irritations and burns from direct skin contact and sensitive areas.

The neck lobule ensures warmth to the top: The neck warming cushion has a neck lobule which is also filled with gel. Thus the warmth reaches the upper part of the spine and spreads warmth up to the hairline. The gel inside the neck lobule is not separated from the rest of the gel filling. That way the warmth remains longer and ensures a relaxing feeling.

Extra long breast flaps - a blessing to breastfeeding mothers: The warming cushion also has a special advantage for breastfeeding mothers. The flaps in the breast area are extra long. This not only ensures relaxation for the breast muscles but the warmth also stimulates the milkflow.

Versatile application possibilities - warms every part of the body: You can also use the neck warming cushion on any other tensioned areas, e.g. the legs or arms, as well as the lower back. Apply the warming cushion exactly where you need the warmth.

Product Highlights

  • Provides pleasant warmth for a long time
  • Quick heating in the microwave
  • Specially designed shape during and after pregnancy
  • Long flaps intended specifically for the chest area
  • For heat treatment in case of engorgement and tensions in the chest area
  • Large rear surface for warmth up to the shoulder blades
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Soft, single-sided velour coating for wearer comfort
Reer MommyLine Neck Shoulder Warming Cushion
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