Childproof Using Retractable Gates in Large Areas

Baby Gates N Safety Featured Project 001

Childproofing Large Areas Using Retractable Gates

Job Brief: Childproof Penthouse Pool Entrance & Partition Balcony Space as Play Area

Project Specifics

Our Proposal: Childproof using retractable gates. We propose to use Smart Retract Retractable Gates to childproof the pool entrance and access area and also for partitioning the balcony using the metal railing as anchors. Tailored wood pillars is used to be attached to the metal with removable adhesive. The retractable gates will give the client the option to choose when to have the gate in place. The gates are otherwise discreet when not in used. 

Requirements: Client is a tenant of a Penthouse with a swimming pool. She has a young child less than 2 years old and needed to childproof the entrance to the swimming pool. She would also like to partition part of her balcony to be used by her child as play area and also to prevent her child from throwing things off the balcony. Client is particular about how the gates would affect the overall look of her home. The rental agreement forbids any drilling to be done on the walls. 

Safety Products used: Smart Retract Retract-A-Gate 52" & 72" retractable gates

Job Specific Customizations: Customized wooden pillars painted black & white.

Restrictions: No drilling allowed.

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